Water analysis for my home

I live in the Bear Gulch Water district (on the SF Peninsula), but the report I get from the supplier does not have enough information to tweak my water recipe. So this month I had my water tested by Ward Labs. In fact I took four samples using different methods, and had all of them tested. The methods were:

  1. Sample A: Filtered Tapwater I broke in a new activated carbon filter, then sampled some water passed through it.
  2. Sample B: Unfiltered Tapwater I sampled some straight tapwater.
  3. Sample C: Tapwater plus campden tablet I tapped 10 gallons, mashed in half a campden tablet, and waited 30 minutes, then sampled.
  4. Sample D: Tapwater plus campden tablet, passed through brewing system I passed the 10 gallons of campden-treated water through my brewing system (without adding any heat or other ingredients), then took a sample from my fermenter.

The results of having these samples tested by Ward Labs are here. I also included a record of the report from my water supplier, the California Water Service Company.